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West Sumatra

>> Sunday, November 30, 2008

West Sumatra was on the west middle the Sumatran island widely 42,297.30 km². This province had the plain in the West Coast, as well as the volcanic plateau that were formed the Barisan Hill that stretched from west sea to south-east. The Mentawai island that was located in the Indian Ocean including in this province. The West Sumatra shoreline completely be touching with the Indian Ocean along 375 km.

The lake that was in West Sumatra was Maninjau (99.5 km²), Singkarak (130.1 km²), Diatas (31.5 km²), Dibawah (Dibaruh) (14,0 km²), Talang (5.0 km²)

Several big rivers in the Sumatran island nuclear-warhead in this province, that is the Siak River, Sungai Rokan, Sungai Inderagiri (was acknowledged as the Kuantan Stick in his upstream part), the Kampar River and the Stick of the Day. All these rivers flowed into the east Sumatran coast, into the Riau province and Jambi.

Rivers that had in the West Coast a very short mouth. Several of the him was the Batang Anai, Batang Arau, and the Batang Tarusan .
Mountains in West Sumatra were Marapi (2.891 m.), sago (2.271 m.), Singgalang (2.877 m.), Tandikat (2.438 m.), Talakmau (2.912 m.), Talang (2.572 m.).

Source and translate from: Wikipedia


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